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ProClub T-Shirt Care

  • Wash t-shirt in cold water only.

  • Let t-shirt hang dry. Do not place in dryer.

  • Iron t-shirt inside out. Iron only the body of the shirt at this time.

  • Use the spray and steam function on your iron, or a spray bottle, to mist water on the section of shirt you are ironing.

  • To use spray starch, spray the area with mist water first and then spray starch. Flakey residue is created from the starch, but since you are ironing with the t-shirt inside out, it won't affect your results.

  • Flip t-shirt to the right side and finish ironing any remaining wrinkles. Iron the sleeves if you want a crease. Use more mist water, if needed, but avoid using more starch, which might flake up.

  • Never apply heat directly to the outside of your t-shirt. Instead, lay a white handkerchief or towel over your t-shirt to iron the outside. For white t-shirts this avoids burning and losing that
    clean, snow white look. For color shirts this avoids a burned ashy color.

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YOUTH-BLANK, RIBBED A-SHIRTS (aka) "Wife Beater" (DZN only)YOUTH-BLANK, RIBBED A-SHIRTS (aka) "Wife Beater" (DZN only)The Pro Club Youth A-Shirt or "Wife Beater" is famous for comfort and style. Wear with your favorite jeans. Ribbed and fitted with scoop neckline for comfort.
LADIES ATHLETIC T-SHIRT, TANK TOP or "WIFE BEATER" A-Shirt (DOZEN only)LADIES ATHLETIC T-SHIRT, TANK TOP or "WIFE BEATER" A-Shirt (DOZEN only)LADIES "WIFE BEATER." This shirt is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! This little number is perfect for under or over your clothes. It can substitute for a camisole. Versatile, bold colors that sing. One dozen in 12 different colors. One size. One dozen.
A-SHIRT-BLANK RIBBED ADULT ATHLETIC SHIRT (AKA) "Wife Beater" (DZN only)A-SHIRT-BLANK RIBBED ADULT ATHLETIC SHIRT (AKA) "Wife Beater" (DZN only)"WIFE BEATERS" The RIBBED TANK TOP, "Athletic Shirt" or "A" Shirt. Whatever you call the comfortable ribbed tank top, it has the slim fit you want under your clothes. Wear it alone for that "casual," hot and sexy look!

Many colors. Many sizes. Many styles to be worn. Get yours by the dozen for that "fresh" look everyday. It's what's up...and makes being a genuine "Pro Clubber" very affordable.