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The controversial term, "wife beater", no longer strictly refers to a man who beats his wife; its definition has been expanded to mean--"a ribbed-cotton sleeveless undershirt that is a wardrobe basic for movie costumers, rap stars and models."

The style has been around for over a century, but recently "beaters" have shown up on rocker and American Idol judge, Tommy Lee, rocker, Kid Rock and hip hop artist, Snoop Dogg sport them. Even fashion icons Madonna, Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow have made them into wardrobe basics.

Rapper Eve sings about how good she looks in her "wife beater with a bangin' tan."

"Everyone wears them, especially hip-hop artists," said Susan Bauer, director of fashion programming at MTV. "But I was told by an executive not to use the word in the workplace," she said. "So we just take off the word, 'wife,' and call them 'beaters.'"

At one time, people aspired to be wealthy and to get out of the city. But now people feel, that to be cool, you have to be "down with it." No matter your ethnicity or where you live,--in the city or the suburbs,--most people growning up today get down with hip hop fashion. Whatever you think about the "wife beater," it is one of the hottest fashion styles out today, so...

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