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brief bio of website

brief bio of website, a subsidiary of Internet Marketing Services, Los Angeles, CA, is a distributor of Pro Club brand urban casualwear, a quality line of clothing with a loyal following of customers who appreciate the value and quality of Pro Club.

Pro Club popularity began with the basic white t-shirt that was avidly embraced by urban youth in Los Angeles, but the superior quality and value of Pro Club could not be kept a secret of the inner city. Pro Club has now found a whole new customer base--college students, soldiers, doctors, babies, mothers-to-be and more.

People around the world are beginning to hear about Pro Club's quality line of Heavyweight tees made of 100% cotton with stretch resistant necklines that come in 21 brilliant colors.

While the Pro Club reputation started with the basic white t-shirt, the product line extends well beyond white tees and new products are constantly being added. is proud to serve Pro Club customers with personal care and open communication. I trust you will enjoy the comfort and style of Pro Club urban casualwear.

Thanks for your support as we strive to provide quality service to people who "know the bizness!"

Your comments are welcome via e-mail ( or by phone (323-394-1193).

Thanks for your support and many blessings to you,
Karla With a K Internet Marketing Services

Many colors. Many sizes. Many styles to be worn. Get yours by the dozen for that "fresh" look everyday. It's what's up...and makes being a genuine "Pro Clubber" very affordable.