Willie Lynchism: THE Secret History Lesson...A Personal Discovery of American History
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Willie Lynchism: THE Secret History LessonWillie Lynchism: THE Secret History Lesson

“In 1998, I discovered a lesson I was never taught in school. It opened my eyes to the origin of RACISM in America.

I read about this guy named Willie Lynch and his diabolical plan "Let's Make a Slave-The Origin of a Social Being Called The Negro."  

It was a poignant “Aha!” moment for me. I finally understood the angst and cognitive dissonance I’d felt for years, as a Black woman growing up in the cradle of Civil War America---Richmond/Petersburg, VA.

My spirit wouldn’t let me rest until I had discovered this plan to create a racist mindset that I call, Willie Lynchism.

Today, there are continuing effects of Willie Lynchism everywhere, but my goal for this book is to expose the information to those who are unaware of this actual plan, because they probably didn't learn it in school either.

My ultimate goal, however, is to get the support needed to add it to the National History Content Standards for Education in the United States.  If that happens, perhaps we can be on the road to healing from the racism and self-degradation that the plan assured would be self-generating for centuries.  Knowledge IS power.

By Karla "With a K" Edward